Home directory

From laboratories

Home directory is mounted automatically during login. On Windows it is available as disk J:, while on Linux as ~ or /home/group/login where group may be students, faculty or wmiguests - depending on the account type.

From Faculty's network

From faculty's network one may connect to the share through CIFS protocol, ie. enter \\files.wmi.amu.edu.pl\path in Explorator Windows' search bar and log in with LABS domain credentials. In case of employees accounts path has form: faculty\login, students: students\login.

On Linux it is possible to mount share (requires superuser's privileges) or use tools like smbclient (does not require special privileges).

Outside of Faculty

The easiest method is using an SFTP client (e.g. WinSCP or FileZilla on Windows) and connecting to lts.wmi.amu.edu.pl.