Lost stuff

It happens sometimes that you forgot to take something from laboratories.


All kinds of sweaters, jumpers, hats, scarfs left in laboratories are brought by us to coatroom. We proceed in similar manner with found coatroom numbers.

Reminder: you must not bring jackets/coats into laboratories


All other items are deposited in our lost-and-found box and are kept there for at least a week. During that time, any person able to convince us of original ownership of a given item can reclaim said item.

Signed belongings

About finding belongings such as IDs (or wallets containing IDs), mobile phones, signed notebooks etc. we inform owner if possible.


Unfortunately, we do not have storage for keeping students' belongings, which is why after at least one week, found items are a subject for disposal:

  • In case of pens it means placing them next to the printer next to A1-26.
  • In case of other items - discard.
  • Belongings exceptionally valuable, such as watches, jewelry, glasses, documents, keys etc. are stored longer, but it is best to reclaim them as fast as possible.

Found items

Items found on faculty's grounds are to be brought to laboratories' staff or doorman/coatroom.