Important informations

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Informations on accounts and domain

Profile - a set of files and directories where user's program settings, desktop settings and many more parameters are stored.

Home directory - directory for storing own files and subdirectories. Users can only access their own home directory and the Poligon partition.

Poligon - public space located on the local drive. Its content varies and depends on the computer you are logged in to.

Resources - a space where lecturers put materials for students.

LDAP - a service provided by WMI enabling usage of directory services in the LABS domain.

Information on e-mail accounts

Faculty's Mail - managed by the administrators of the FMCS Laboratories. It offers e-mail addresses in domain.

University's Mail - managed by UAM IT Center. It offers e-mail addresses in, and domains.

Mailing lists - allow sending messages to everyone on a given list.

Access to services from outside the Faculty

VPN - allows for a safe access to FMCS network from outside. It is required to connect to many Faculty's services outside the Faculty.

SSH - access to FMCS servers via SSH makes it easier to work remotely.

SFTP - the easiest way to access your files and copy them to your own device.

Remote desktop - allows access to terminal servers.

Remote laboratories - allows remote connection to computers located in the FMCS Laboratories.

Faculty's services

Databases - we provide 3 types of databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL. Users can create MySQL databases by themselves.

WWW server - it is used for sharing private websites, written in HTML and PHP technologies.

IIS server - it is used to share private websites, written in the .NET family technology.

Project account - is created for the needs of projects, e.g. for co-hosting the application.

Virtual machine - if the project account is insufficient, there is a possibility to use a virtual machine set up on FMCS servers.

VMware - the license purchased by the Faculty allows the installation of VMware software on private computers. Among others, license allows to download VMware Workstation, which is used to create and run your own virtual machine.

Git - a version control system hosted at the Faculty. It allows to work together on the same files by many people.

Jira - project management system. Users can choose from 2 methodologies - scrum and kanban.

Jenkins - used to automate, build, test and deploy projects.

Services offered by Microsoft

Office365 - enables usage of Microsoft Office 365 apps through browser and enables storing 1TB of data in OneDrive cloud for each employee.

Microsoft Office 2016 - the license allows to install Microsoft Office 2016 suite on 5 devices.

Adt4t - enables students and employees to use legal versions of Windows operating system and other Microsoft software on their private computers.