Information for first-year students

Logging in for the first time

Most of the services available in our Faculty are being authenticated with a login and password from the LABS domain. This account is separate from the university account (used for example in USOSWeb). The user name for students is s<index number> (e.g. s123456). The initial password is set to the PESEL number if present, and sent to the university e-mail account otherwise. It must be changed immediately to a new one which is at least 10 characters long. The password should be changed here.

Sharing login credentials is strictly forbidden. Each account is the sole responsibility of the person for whom it was created.

Accesing specialist services

Some Faculty specialist services are available only from the internal Faculty network and require installation and configuration of the VPN. It's advisable to take care of this before starting classes.

Remote Desktop

We provide the possibility to remote connection with the Faculty's terminal servers - Windows and Linux. Instructions how to connect to the selected server can be found here.

Microsoft's software

Staff and students of the Faculty can download legal versions of Windows, Microsoft Office 2016 and other Microsoft's software. More informations are available on the links below:


The LABS domain regulations applicable to all students and employees of the Faculty are available here.


Any issues with the Faculty's services should be reported to the Faculty's Computer Laboratories staff. Contact informations are available here.

University services are not the same as Faculty services. Issues related to University services should be reported to the UAM IT Center.