Web Servers

Every student (and employee) of our Faculty can set up their own website.


If your login is s123456 your page address is https://s123456.students.wmi.amu.edu.pl/

There is also a possibility of setting up a page vhost in form https://<your name>.students.wmi.amu.edu.pl/

Employees' webpages are also available at https://login.faculty.wmi.amu.edu.pl/ and https://<your name>.faculty.wmi.amu.edu.pl/ in case of an alias..

Page deploying

Firstly, copy page files into public_html directory on lts.wmi.amu.edu.pl server. It means that:

  1. Log in through SSH onto lts.wmi.amu.edu.pl server

  2. Create directory for a website:

    install -d ~/public_html

If directory haven't existed before, it's full activation may take up to 24h since creation.

  1. Copy your page files there using scp, sftp or cp

  2. Give those files appropiate permissions:

    chmod -R a+rX ~/public_html

    Read permission for directories is not required. If you don't want a liast with directory's content to show, you can revoke that permission.

  3. Add permissions for user http to enter your home directory:

    chmod o+x ~

    Names of automatically showed or launched files are as follows:

    index.html index.cgi index.pl index.php index.py index.xhtml index.htm

Remember that website is on a faculty's server, therefore it has to be in accordance with regulations. Particulary unacceptable is using a server for pursuing of any economic activities.

Available technologies