Faculty's mail server is available for all employees and students having an account in the LABS domain. Full mail address is in form where login is a username in the LABS domain.

Faculty Mail and University Mail are not the same service. Former offers e-mail in domain and is available only for employees and students of our Faculty. Latter offers addresses in and domains and is available for all students and employees of the University.

Mail receiving

Mail can be received in various ways.

WWW interface

Faculty's mail can be checked through WWW interface at

Mail clients

Mail can be checked with mail client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. To be able to use such a program, configuration is necessary.

Receiving mail through IMAP

In account settings enter server name, then username and password from the LABS domain. Select the SSL/TLS protocol and port 993.

Sending mail through SMTP

In account settings enter server name, necessarily turn on authorization and then enter credentials from the LABS domain. Select the SSL/TLS protocol and port 465.

Mail forwarding

If you prefer to use other mailbox than faculty's, but want to receive there all messages sent onto your student e-mail, you can set up mail forwarding.

Just insert address onto which you want your mail forwarded into file named .forward located in home directory. If you want to forward it to more than one address, place them in the same line, separating them with a coma. If copy of a message should remain in mailbox, add \s123456 (your login preceded with "\").

For example, if you'll write in .forward:


messages will land in your mailbox and will be sent to two other addresses.

Mail filtering

Messages can be filtered by your mail client or by our mail server. If you want to use filtering on the server you should put Sieve ( rules in the file named .dovecot.sieve in yout home directory.