Every student has assigned limited number of sheets to use. Within this limit one can use printer \\\Printer_A1 located in a corridor A1 next to room A1-26 or \\\Printer_Lib located in the Library.

To check your current account balance, just click on an icon with a green letter P, located in taskbar's tray:

After clicking on Details user will be transferred to page, where one can check printing history, hand over part of their balance to another user or print PDF directly from web browser.

Default student's sheet limit equals 30 pages per semester.

Unused sheets from winter semester are transfered to the summer one, and after that are discarded.

Sheets counting

Counted is always the amount of pages sent to a printer, not the amount of sheets coming out of it. That's why even if double-sided printing or printing multiple pages per sheet is set in printer's settings, substracted from user's balance will be the amount of logical pages.

To conserve one's balance, one should use programs' built-in multiple pages printing settings, for example Microsoft Word's ones. It is important that pages are composed by a program, before sending to a server, not by a printer.

Master thesis

Students have a possibility of printing their thesis (bachelor, engineering or master) once during the studies. For this, in room A1-26, they can increase their printing limit by the number of pages of thesis, but at most 100.

Own paper

There is no possibility of printing on your own paper. If you have to print greater amount of pages or have special requirements about paper - you can use one of many printers' points in PoznaƄ. Our Faculty does not provide such services.