Virtual machine

We offer an option to launch a virtual machine for a grup of students realizing project as a part of classes at a Faculty if they need a specific configuration or additional services inaccessible on faculty's servers.

Machines are running in a Proxmox environment. Every new machine has an empty drive, so you can install any operating system. Because of hardware limitations (RAM) there is no possibility of running Windows on virtual machines.

Machine's parameters are:

  • 1GB operational memory
  • 20GB disk space

To obtain a virtual machine, create a ticket in helpdesk. Request should contain following informations:

  • to which project as a part of which classes will machine be used
  • why services available to all students are not sufficient
  • till when will machine be needed
  • contact informations of person responsible (name, surname, e-mail)
  • if machine is to be accessible from outside of the Faculty, specifying ports to be allowed on firewall is necessary
  • what operating system will be running on a machine

Rules of allowing traffic on a firewall:

  • there is no possibility of opening port 25,
  • access to databases and other services available for restricted user's group (administrators) whould take place through VPN,
  • if a service is available for an unlimited amount of users (clients) then probably it's qualified for access e.g. on ports 80, 443.

Moreover, services using faculty's LDAP server for authentication should assure adequate transmission encryption, e.g. enforce https.

Ater machine creation you will receive an e-mail from administrators with instructions on how to connect with a machine.