MSSQL Server analytical databases

Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Users have a possibility of obtaining a database on a faculty's MSSQL server.

Database can be obtained by any user or project group after submitting a ticket at helpdesk containing:

  • information that you need an analytical database
  • domain login of person responsible
  • proposed, non-trivial database name (example of a bad name: pro2010)
  • if database is to exist longer than one semester, proposed database's lifespan
  • possibly domain logins of remaining members of project team

SQL Server Analysis Services analytical databases do not support SQL authentication. The only way to gain access is Windows authentication (only from computers in the LABS domain).

Connecting to the analytical database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

  • Server type: Analysis Services
  • Server name:

Connecting to the analytical database using Visual Studio

To connect you have to choose File, then Open and then Analysis Services Database.... Next, into Server name: field enter and choose your database.

Access to server is possible only from a computer in the LABS domain. Outside of a Faculty access may be gained using a terminal server or connecting via VPN.

Databases deletion

Databases will be deleted after expiration date. By default this term amounts to one semester. There is a possibility of extending it. Before deletion, person responsible for a databasse will be notified by mail.