Azure For Students

Microsoft is allowing our university students to use 100$ in provided cloud services on the Azure platform for 12 months.


With Azure for Students, you can access the following cloud services:

  • Virtual machines
  • Azure SQL
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Machine Learning

.. and more.

Access to virtual machines

To take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft's virtual machine and free resources, simply log on to using your UAM organization email address ( and fill in your basic personal information.

System is avalible here.

Basic info


You can "rent" a virtual machine for a period of 750 hours, which means that you pay for the time the machine is on.

Always remember to turn off the machine when the work is finished! Otherwise you will continue to be charged even though you have finished working with the machine.

Machine options

Microsoft allows you to customize the virtual machine according to your needs, there is a choice:

  • OS of the machine - (Linux - different distributions / Windows).
  • GPU processor
  • RAM
  • Virtual processors (number / type)
  • Amount of temporary memory - data storage.


Prices are dependent on machine configuration, for more information please visit Microsoft site.