Project accounts

It is possible to create additional LABS domain accounts, that can be shared with other users to use for student's projects. To acquire such an account, create a ticket in helpdesk containing:

  • non-trivial proposed account name
  • till when account should be usable
  • why do you need project account
  • additional technologies, which are to be accessible or created (e.g PHP, Django, Wordpress)
  • list student's ID numbers which are to have access to an account

Access through SSH/SCP/SFTP

Project accounts are available only through SSH/SCP/SFTP. Use appropiate SFTP client (e.g. WinSCP on Windows) to connect to the server, which was mentioned in info about account creation. As a login use project account name. Next enter Principal, which is a login of user privileged to use a project account and then user's password.

SSH on hosting server has option ChallengeResponseAuthentication enabled. Some programs (such as FileZilla) may require additional configuration to login correctly.